New York Port Authority attack: Man held after Manhattan blast

Source: BBC News

A man is being held after an attempted terror attack at New York City’s main bus terminal, officials say.

“Terrorists won’t win,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said after a blast at the Port Authority terminal in Manhattan during the morning rush hour on Monday.

The suspect, named as Akayed Ullah, 27, was wounded when a “low-tech explosive device” strapped to his body blew up in an underpass, officials say.

They say four other people suffered minor injuries.

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  1. Why did he attack innocent people?
    1.Because of hatred
    2. Because of following the idol of hadith
    3. Because he was a addicted to Islam.
    4. Because he was deceieved by his imam ( idol) those who kill infidel will enter Paradise.

    Those who say that killing innocent people has no thing to with Islam. He is not a Muslim or Islam. He is a big lier , he hides the truth, he still want to deceive people. He is also dangerous. These people do not want fight the extremist ideology of Islam.

    Hatred is the seed of evil, violence, conflict and murder
    Love is the seed of peace, happiness and prosperity
    With my love❤️

    • Somi: you are assuming. Most ‘terrorists’ have little or no knowledge of Islam and even hadith. Wait and investigate how much this guy knew. May be just like white Christian terrorists he is just a mental case.

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