A timely visit


His Majesty King Abdullah’s visit to Ankara for talks with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was timely as their discussions occurred when President Donald Trump made his infamous speech recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and deciding to relocate his country’s embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem as soon as possible.

As Jordan called for an emergency Arab meeting to respond to President Trump’s provocations, President Erdogan in his capacity as the president of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation is convening an Islamic summit as well to take place in Istanbul on December 13.

The two leaders have similar concerns about the dire consequences of Trump’s decision and share common views on how to react to it.

As the King said, during the talks which saw the participation of senior officials from both sides including the prime ministers and foreign ministers, recent regional developments require close coordination and consultations between the two countries.

“As we both agree,” said the King, “the Palestinian cause continues to be the region’s central issue. There is no alternative to the two-state solution, and Jerusalem is key to any peace agreement”. The King went on to say “it [Jerusalem] is key to the stability of the entire region.”

The King warned that “ignoring the Palestinian, Muslim and Christian rights in Jerusalem will only fuel further extremism, and undermine the war against terrorism”.

The King added that “we in Jordan, as the custodian of Islamic and Christian holy sites, we will persist in undertaking our religious and historical responsibilities towards Al Aqsa Mosque and Al Haram Al Sharif, and uphold our role in protecting Muslim and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem”.

Of course, other regional developments were also discussed including the search for a political solution to the Syrian conflict on the basis of Astana and Geneva processes so that regional stability can be restored.

Bilateral issues including trade and commerce also figured highly in the talks especially when the volume of trade between the two countries has reached $1 billion.

Turkey is a major regional Player and cooperating with Ankara in facing regional challenges is paramount.

Ties between the two countries are strong and deep-rooted. Maintaining contacts between the two sides has become even more urgent in view of current developments.

The King’s visit was short in duration but long in enhancing the brotherly relations between the two countries.

3 replies

    Why Allah chose Trump? Honestly the true fact is Allah has protected Israel from Extremist countries 4 times war and will continue to protect the Tiny State of Israel from Arab extremist and Iran extremist ( Syah) who want to expel Jews to the Sea.( Hadith)

    There is no peace between Israel and Palestine as long as Arab hate Jews and reject Human Right. There is no peace in Islamic countries as long as Saudi and Iran hate, blame and slaughter each other. Million Muslim have suffered and died due to hate teaching for centuries
    Islam do not teach hatred but LOVE, JUSTICE FOR ALL.
    Islamic world is getting worse and worser, after Syria, Iraq the next Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Allah never sleep, always watch and punish those who turn away from Him to Idols
    Million Muslim pray for defeating Israel since 1948…unfortunately Allah never listen to their prayer. Why?
    Because of HATRED in their heart.

    Hatred is the seed of evil, violence, anger, conflict and war
    Love is the seed of peace, happiness and prosperity

    • Yes, Muslims should not fight Muslims, however Trump lover Somi does not see the ‘meddling hands’ of the USA and Israel behind all the wars in the Middle East. As the now disgraced Dr. Tariq Ramadan said: ‘We are being destabilized because we are destabalizable’. The fault therefore is on both sides, those who are doing the destabilization (USA, Israel) and those who permit themselves to be destabilized (the Arab nations). Why not just follow the advice of the Khalifa of Peace? Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad! Check out his last Friday Sermon on mta.tv!

  2. This is a reminder from the progressive Islam.
    I love the struggle of Ahmadiyyah for peace, but the true fact on the ground in Pakistan after 120 years have been trying to win the battle to fight the extremist ideology of Clerics. In contrary the extremist Muslim are getting stronger and stronger, ahmadiyyah is getting worse and worse.
    Ahmadiyyah is struggling in one foot namely the spriyual closeness with God make ahmadiyyah weak. In order to strong our prophet Muhamma pbuh had given the excellent example ad a role model for his followers after his death namely to struggle with two feet: one foot to strengthen the spiritual thing, second foot to strengthen economy of Muslim. If people stand on two feet is stronger than one foot, do not you agree that my lovely friend Rafiq?

    That us my best advice that I can share with young Ahmadiyyah. Hopefully good

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