Donald Trump says recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel will bring peace – it will do quite the opposite

Trump has turned away from any notion of fairness in peace negotiations and run with Israel’s ball

  • Robert Fisk Middle East Correspondent
  • @indyvoices
  • Israeli flags fly near the Dome of the Rock in the Al-Aqsa mosque compound in Jerusalem on 5 December 2017 AFP/Getty

I was called by an Irish radio station in Dublin to respond to President Donald Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. What did I think was going on inside the US President’s mind, I was asked? And I replied immediately: “I don’t have the key to the lunatic asylum.” What might once have seemed an outrageously over-the-top remark was simply accepted as a normal journalistic reaction to the leader of the world’s greatest superpower. And re-listening to the speech that Trump made in the White House, I realised I should have been far less restrained. The very text of the document is insane, preposterous, shameful.

Goodbye Palestine. Goodbye the two-state solution. Goodbye the Palestinians. For this new Israeli “capital” is not for them. Trump did not even use the word “Palestine”. He talked about “Israel and the Palestinians” – in other words, of a state and of those who do not deserve – and can no longer aspire to – a state. No wonder I received a call in Beirut last night from a Palestinian woman who had just listened to the Trump destruction of the “peace process”. “Remember Kingdom of Heaven?” she asked me, referring to Ridley Scott’s great movie of the 1187 fall of Jerusalem. “Well it’s now the Kingdom of Hell.”

It’s not the Kingdom of Hell, of course. The Palestinians have been living in a kind of hell for a 100 years, ever since the Balfour Declaration declared Britain’s support for a Jewish homeland in Palestine, when a single sentence – in which our beloved Theresa May takes such “pride” – became a textbook for refugeedom and the future dispossession of the Palestinian Arabs from their lands. As usual, the Arab response this week was sickening, warning of the “dangers” of Trump’s decision, which was “unjustified and irresponsible” – this piece of fluff produced by King Salman of Saudi Arabia, the so-called protector of Islam’s two holiest places (the third being Jerusalem, although he didn’t quite manage to point that out) – and we can be sure that in the coming days many an “emergency committee” will be formed by Arab and Muslim institutions to deal with this “danger”. They will, as we all know, be worthless.


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    Allah has protected Israel from 4 times war with Arab and will continue to protect the Tiny State of Israel from Arab extremist and Iran extremist ( Syah) who want to expel Jews to the Sea. There is no peace between Israel and Palestine as long as Arab hate Jews and reject Human Right. There is no peace in Islamic countries as long as Saudi and Iran hate and blame each other. Islam do not teach hatred but LOVE:
    Millions Muslim Pray to God, but God do not listen those who hate Jews. —Hate is evil, love is God. Hatred will be defeated!

    Love is the seed of peace, prosperity and happiness
    Hatred is the seed of Evil, violence and poverty.

    May Allah guide Palestine Muslim to the right path of Islam Amin

    With love❤️

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