Americans Who Identify As Spiritual Feel More Gratitude And Life Satisfaction

Source: Huffington Post

By Antonia Blumberg

A new study released Monday by Public Religion Research Institute in partnership with Florida State University found that Americans who identify as spiritual report higher levels of “life satisfaction,” gratitude and pro-social behavior than those who do not.

PRRI measured spirituality by having participants self-report their experiences of feeling connected to something larger than themselves. The survey asked a random sample of 2,016 adults how often they “felt particularly connected to the world around you,” “felt like you were a part of something much larger than yourself,” and “felt a sense of larger meaning or purpose in life.”

The survey, conducted between February 28 and March 29, also measured for religiosity based on how often participants attended formal worship services and the degree to which they said religion is important in their lives. The report identified four primary groups of Americans: those who are spiritual and religious; spiritual but not religious; not spiritual but religious; and neither spiritual nor religious.

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