White House considering recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital soon

Source: CNN

Jerusalem skyline

Washington (CNN)The Trump administration is seriously considering recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in early December, even as President Donald Trump signs a waiver to keep the embassy in Tel Aviv for another six months, sources tell CNN.

Two senior administration officials and allies close to the US tell CNN that Trump is in the final stages of a decision to announce the recognition and whether to move the US embassy to Jerusalem when he signs the waiver on Monday.
Though debate on the issue continues within the administration, officials from countries closely allied to the US say a plan under consideration would have Trump announce he is signing the waiver for the last time, so that his administration has time to plan the transition of its diplomatic mission.
Trump is personally involved in the discussions, and both he and US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman back the plan to recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital, these sources say. One plan under serious consideration is to have Friedman work in Jerusalem after the announcement, while the embassy remains in Tel Aviv, a plan initially floated when Friedman was nominated.

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    I have the nice feeling that King M. salman want to open Saudi to all religionss and faith, including Sufi, Ahmadiyya, LGBT etc

    And then reconise The state of Israel and work together with Trump and Natanyahu to fight all extremist Muslim wahabi- Salafi and Shiah.

    All Islamic countries will follow Saudi Arabia to open embassy in Jerusalem. So every religion can visit Jerudalem EXCEPT the extremist Muslim and Hibullah / Iran.

    Wait and see, God can do every thing.
    The world will better off to live in.

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