Pakistan’s original sin is its construction and treatment of Ahmadis

Source: Indian Express

Arguably, Pakistan’s original sin is its construction and treatment of Ahmadis. The treatment of this small community has, in many ways, defined the nature of the Pakistani state more profoundly than anything else. Anti-Indianism is a strong undercurrent in Pakistan. But anti-Ahmadism, arguably, cuts even deeper than anti-Indianism in more intimate and existential ways. It has become more central to Pakistan’s identity as a state. It is almost as if peace with India is at least theoretically possible; peace with Ahmadism, under the current structure, is not. In fact, it could be argued that anxiety over Ahmadism is the core original sin Pakistan needs to overcome. If it can overcome that anxiety, it will liberate itself on so many other fronts.

The current crisis in Pakistan is not simply another instance of the military caving in to assorted radical groups and mobs as helpless politicians watch on. The ostensible issue that triggered the current round of protests was an apparent change in an oath Pakistanis are required to swear if they are running for office or getting passports. The oath requires declaring that Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani (the founder of the Ahmadi sect) is a pretender and his followers are non-Muslims. The protest was triggered by the fact that changes in the election law modified the oath. Instead of saying “I solemnly declare,” the oath now said “I believe”. The change from objective declaration of fact to subjective affirmation of belief, ostensibly due to a clerical error, sparked the current protests.


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  1. It is a bold analysis. However I have following observations.

    1. While referring Ahmadiyya matter, In the 1930s Jawaharlal Nehru and Iqbal had a debate on this question. Iqbal, who had a complicated relationship with Ahmadis in his early life, finally began to argue that Ahmadis were both a threat to the unity of Islam, and he argued, to India as well. By denying the finality of the Prophet and the oneness of god, they were denying the essence of Muslim hood.
    Here giving an impression that Ahmadiyya denies finality of Prophet as well oneness of God both require correction. Ahmadiyya has full belief in Quranic Term used Khatamann Nabiyyeen but with different explanation. Denial of Ahmadiyya belief in oneness of God has never been raised at any forum.
    2. Pakistan existence can only be guaranteed if state separates itself from religious matters. It has become a unique country wherein state has taken the responsibility of declaring some one as Muslim. Such attitude does not prevail longer. Hope Pakistan can get rid of its original sin at an early stage.

  2. ==Ahmadiyya has full belief in Quranic Term used Khatamann Nabiyyeen but with different explanation==

    Tha fact is that al Quran can interprete with different interpretation, that is why prophet Muhammad followers have devided by many sects of Islam, very sad and pity .

    A law should be a clear meaning, if it is not cleare meaning, that law should be declared invalid in publict, otherwise people will fight each other as we see today. No day without killing innocent people in Islamic countries.

    There is no solution to end killing innocent people and children. Except all unclear meaning of a verse of Allah should be declared invalid.
    Do you agree with me ? Zubair Khan.


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