Ex-Muslims: They left Islam and now tour the US to talk about it

Source: BBC News

A poster advertising the event

Muslims who leave the faith often face abuse and violence – but a grassroots group that’s touring American colleges is trying to help.

Ten years ago, Muhammad Syed became an ex-Muslim.

Born in the US, he grew up in Pakistan believing “100 per cent” in Islam.

“You don’t encounter doubt,” he says. “Everyone around you believes it.”

And then, in 2007, he realised something. He didn’t believe at all.

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5 replies

    Islamic teaching has many interpretations, that is why Islam are devided by many setcs. It is the fact and cannot be denied it. Do you agree with me?
    Why do the educated Muslims have left Islam? Every one has his own reason.
    1. They see Muslim community in his own country conflict and never end.
    2. They see Muslim community around the world live in poverty, their hands are not productive.
    3. They see Al Quran and Hadith contain many violent verses and Hadith that create the extremist and terrorist.
    4. They see all Islamic countries do not protect the right of minorities religion, no freedom of expression and no justice for all, or discrimination against minority.

    5. They see the Christians coountries are peaceful country, weakth people and lovely and generoud people too. Last but not least Government protect the right all religions , freedom od religion and expression.

    Part A. Yes, Islamic teaching Create Peace, Mercy, Tolerance, Happiness, and Prosperity. Those Muslim who follow the peaceful verses of Al Quran became a good Muslim, lovely Muslim, telerant Muslim, wealthy Muslim

    Part B. Yes, Islamic Teaching also Create Violence, Intolerance, Disaster, Poverty and Warfare.
    Those who follow the violent verses of Al Quran and Hadith will become a extremist and terrorist Muslim abd then become poverty because of civil war.


    • Ah yes, and the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at, although very active, has to still do more in order to attract these ‘ex-Muslims’, before they even become ‘ex-Muslims’. These ‘ex-Muslims’ somehow failed to reach http://www.mta.tv and http://www.alislam.org, but yes, as Somi says, Prosperity is part of it. Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at places a lot of emphasize on education which leads to prosperity, but yes, we need to do more.

      • @ Raffiq.. I do not think that Ahmadiyyah will strive to strengthen the economy of Ahmadiyyah as long as Ahmadiyyah’ s clerics or leaders do not give a right example of following the sunnah. Clerics is important role to his followers.
        Except if there is a real plan of Ahmadiyyah for 25 years ahead.
        May Allah guide Ahmadiyyah clerics to follow the sunnah completely and how to earn money for living.

        Wth ❤️

    Witch one you want to be your kids?
    To be an employer or an employee
    1. Employer ( Boss ) or employee ( worker)
    2. Employer’s hand is above employee’s hand.
    3. Employer earn money unlimited, employee earn money limited every month
    4. Employer can live in wealth, but employee cannot
    5. Employer can pay zakat or tax bigger than employer
    6. Employer can provide many jobs for people, employee cannot.
    7. Employer can manage his time, but employee cannot
    8. Allah say: the best man who can make many people live prosperous— or who can provide many jobs for people. Like Steve Jobs ( Iphone), Trump, etc

    Unfortunately, who follow the our sunnah ( prophet Muhammad) how to earn money for living? The true fact ARE NOT Muslims, but NON MUSLIM. It is weird, is not it?

    These golden teaching should be given to our kids and students from young ages. Second it will be fine to be employee, but not for all your life.

    May Allah guide all Islamic clerics to follow the sunnah rightly and completely, not 50-50. Amin

    With my love❤️

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