Madrassas allegedly ‘infested’ with sexual abuse of minors

cleric sexual abuse crimem

In this picture taken on May 4, 2017, a handcuffed Pakistani cleric who allegedly raped a child, stands outside a court in Kehror Pakka, Pakistan. PHOTO: AP

Source: The Express Tribune

Sexual abuse in Pakistan’s madrassas is as common as discussing it is taboo, says an Associated Press (AP) investigation.

The investigation shed light on this phenomenon, which is stated to be prevalent throughout the country- from isolated rural communities to urban metropolises. It is described as being overlooked due to the power of clerics and cultural aversion to discussing sexual abuse of any form.

In the few cases when it is discussed, it is equally rare for the alleged offenders to be convicted, or even tried for any crimes. This is both due to financial and political pressure applied on police officials, as well as the nature of laws which allow the family of the victim to receive ‘blood money’ in exchange for a pardon, according to interviews of the senior officials.


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