Hopes for blasphemy reforms fade as radicals gain ground in Pakistan

Source: UCA News:

Islamic extremists in Pakistan are exploiting a minor constitutional amendment that could have allowed members of a moderate sect to vote without declaring themselves to be non-Muslims.The Ahmadiyya Muslim sect believes Jesus sought to end religious conflict and are accused of not accepting that Mohammad was God’s final prophet.The ruling party in Parliament immediately withdrew the minor change, which it described as a clerical error.But that did not stop baton-wielding activists of a newly launched  the politico-religious group, Tehreek-e-Labaik Pakistan (TLP), from marching on the capital, Islamabad. TLP, known for its hardline stance in support of anti-blasphemy laws impacting on Christian and other religious minorities, bagged more than 10 percent of votes in a recent by-election.This was more than that of established political parties such as the Pakistan Peoples Party of slain former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.The TLP gained strength after the execution of Mumtaz Qadri, the elite force guard who murdered liberal governor Salmaan Taseer for speaking out against a death sentence for blasphemy on Catholic woman Asia Bibi.The groups’ religious wing staged a week long agitation in Islamabad and forced the government to negotiate a six-point agreement on Nov 3.Provisions of the agreement included a national consultation council to counter any deviant teaching that Mohammad was not the final prophet.




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  1. 1. Yours is impartial reporting but lacks some ground realities. Such fanatic element can not prevail without strong backing. Civil and military top brass in Pakistan are not at one page. Now who is backing whom can be guessed by readers themselves.
    2. “The Ahmadiyya Muslim sect believes Jesus sought to end religious conflict and are accused of not accepting that Mohammad was God’s final prophet”
    Above statement needs correction. According to Ahmadiyya belief reformer awaited in all major religions, sought to end religious conflicts, has already come in the person of Ahmadiyya founder. Ahmadiyya does accept Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as God’s final prophet but in different connotation. According to Ahmadiyya belief awaited reformer also has the status of subordinate prophet to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) thus not affecting the greatest status of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

    The Goverment of Pakistan or Melitary have to remind its prople that Islam is a religion of TOLERANT,, accept the different interpretation of Al Quran and Hadith. None of one can forbid other belief, only Allah alone has the right to judge who is wrong and who is right.

    The extremist Muslim and terrorist Taliban, ISIS, Al Qaida etc do not eccept and is not tolerant to other beliefs, that cause problem in Muslim community.

    Also Islam is a religion of Human Right, it means that Islam have the obligation to protect the right of minority of gender, religion, and atheist too


  3. Pakistan people have to fight endlessly the extremist ideology or terrorist Taliban and ISI S.
    The sign or characteristic feature of radical Islam as following:
    1. The main goal is to create or establish Syariah state where Quran and Hadith as the state of constitution.
    The Extremist Clerics is aganist the system demicracy Seculare and against Human Right.

    2. The extremist Clerics forbid Ahmadiyya’s existance. They accuse Ahmadiyyah blasphemer ot non Islam.

    3. The extremist Muslim hate and hostile toward Christian, Jews and other beliefs

    4. The extremist Clerics inpose women to wear hijab or burqa, impose male to grow beard etc

    5, The extremist Clerics impose close all restaurant and shops in Friday. Impose muslim to pray shalat jumaat.

    6, The extremist Clerics impose people NOT join celebrating other religion such as: Thank giving day, Christmast, and others event that prophet did not do it.

    7. The extremist Clerics want to create all activities everyday life using the LABELE OF ISLAM such as:
    — Syariah school— Syariah Bank—Shariah dress—syariah grocery stor— Halal Food—halal drink—halal cosmetic— Halal restaurant—-Halah Hambarger— Halal Macdonald etc.

    The main goal of using the Iskamic labale is to eliminate non Muslim product, in other words to boycott Jews and Christians product and employee.

    Because the extremist Clerics so hate Jews, and Chridtian since early times of prophet Muhammad pbuh.

    So the extremist Muslim are showing the hate image to others.
    The educated Muslim such as Ahmafiyyah who live in advace countries hopefully can defeat the extremist ideology endlessly and speak up loudly. Otherwise they will defeat the peacefull Muslim and non Muslim on the ground like in : PAKISTAN, INDONESIA, MALAYSIA etc.

    May Allah protect us from the evil extremist Muslim.
    With ❤️

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