Priti Patel visited a hospital that treats jihadis – this is in Israel’s interests, but not the UK’s

The former Israeli defence minister Moshe Ya’alon has publicly confirmed that Israel was treating fighters under a deal to help protect the border

Syrian patients, young and old, many with severe injuries, are being operated on by doctors in Israel; they are often provided with medicine to take back across the border; some return later for further treatment.

This has been going on for a while and Priti Patel could have seen it taking place at the Ziv Medical Centre, in Safed, in Golan or a number of other hospitals like the Western Galilee in Nahariya. She could have gone there with necessary clearance without having to be accompanied by Israeli government officials.

Instead the former DfID Secretary chose to go to an Israeli army field hospital on the Golan Heights where a similar service is provided by military personnel. She was taken to the facility, barred to the general public, by Israeli officials. Afterwards she asked civil servants at her department to examine whether British aid money for Syrian humanitarian operations can be diverted to the Israeli military.


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  1. I have visited a similar hospital in Amman, Jordan. Bills paid by Qatar.The ‘islamic fighters’ are being treated and sent back to battle (some patients had come for the second and third time). What does it mean? Of course it means that Israel (and Jordan) are supporting the ‘destabilization and destruction’ of a neighboring state. In Jordan’s case may be reluctantly, they just have to do what they are paid for and ordered by big brother USA.

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