Hundreds of Israeli ultra-Orthodox Jews protest army draft

Source: Associated Press

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israeli police arrested 120 people on Thursday during a demonstration by ultra-Orthodox Jews who blocked roads and set fires in protest at the forced military conscription of young men from their community.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said about 2,000 people from a fringe group of ultra-Orthodox Jews protested in Jerusalem, where they blocked a central intersection and paralyzed the main entrance to the city for hours. Some protesters held signs reading “draft equals religious persecution” and others set trash bins on fire. Protests took place in other cities as well.

The demonstrators oppose the recent arrest of a number of young men from within their community after they refused to be drafted into Israel’s compulsory military service.

Rosenfeld said police would use “whatever means necessary” to break up the “illegal” demonstration.

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  1. Muslims do not need a ‘reformation of interpretation of Islam’. Muslims have the Khilafat of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, who are guiding Muslims in this modern world. Watch and especially all addresses of Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad on Google it!

    • Rafiq. I already read many Ahmadiyyah book when I was young from my family.
      The reason I do not follow my family because Ahmadiyyah teaching still do not REJECT some of Ancient Islamic teaching such as;

      The ancient Arab tradition who live in heat desert of Arab feel shame if his wife give a girl baby. (Q) 16;58, treat women as slave Q.24: 33. Q.23-4-6, treat female inequality with male, female will receive half inheritance than male Q 4;11, woman can not be a leader or imam 4;34, in order woman can not be harmed with heat sand, and can not be abducted or be kidnapped by unknown man, women have to cover whole her body with cloth except 2 hole at front of her eyes. Women were forbidden to get good education as male does, –forbidden shake hand with a man—forbidden to sit side by side with man—forbidden to walk with a man- Woman have to stay home daylong to raise her kids. Woman do not have the same freedom as male does.
      Those who commit crime will be punished and will be executed at front of public such as; beheading, amputation, flogging, hanging, and crucifixion.

      Can you respond Raffiq? Instead of deleting?

      • poor Somi. Please pray for guidance from Allah. You are a confused soul. What does your rambling have to do with Ahmadiyya teachings? little. Women inherit half of men. Yes. With my full inheritance (I wish I had) I have to look after two wives and five children. My wife’s half inheritance (she wished she had) she can keep to herself. Now who has more? Her half is much more than my full divided by seven. !!! got it?

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