Hamas must disarm to join Palestinian unity government – US

Source: BBC News

The United States says the militant Islamist movement Hamas must lay down its weapons if it is to play a part in a new Palestinian government.

Hamas, which dominates the Gaza Strip, and the rival Fatah faction recently agreed to end years of bitter division.

US special envoy Jason Greenblatt said any Palestinian unity administration would need to recognise the State of Israel and disarm “terrorists”.

A Hamas official described the US demand as “blatant interference”.

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  1. Disarmed Hamas will not be able to acieve a permanent peace. Because Hamas and Iran Hisbullah want to expel Jews from Israel, Hamas and Iran Hisbullah accept the state of Israel and reject violence, live on peace, respect and love each other.
    Can Extremist leave their ideology? If they can it will be great for people of Palestine.

    • Somi: Your information is wrong as far as Iran’s treatment of Jews is concerned. Google it. Hamas are not the only extremists in Israel and Palestine. Even President Trump says that Netanyahu is a greater hindrance to the peace process than the Palestinians.

      • I know that Natanyahu has s also extremist ideology. Both extremust cannot live in peace.. Allah still help Israel. Allah does not listen Million Hamas keep praying every day, Why? Rafiq?
        If Hamas are true Muslim, Allah will help Hamas to defeat Israel forsure. That way I see the conflic between Hamas and Israel . What do you think?

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