Days After Sentencing 3 Ahmadi Muslims To Death, Pakistan Wins UN Human Rights Seat

Source: Huffpost

With the image of Pakistan in the world today, I felt a certain elated too. After all, Pakistan is my motherland. However, I know this election wasn’t remotely based on our human rights record. It pains me to admit that Pakistan has a depressing human rights record and is behind one of the worst religious apartheids of this age – the #AhmadiApartheid. Here is a snapshot:

Denied Right to Self Identity: Pakistan continues to deny Ahmadi Muslims the basic right to self-identity. In 1974, then Prime Minister Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, in an attempt to appease right-wing religious extremists, amended the country’s constitution to declare the Ahmadi Muslims a non-Muslim minority. The Second Amendment was an unprecedented move in recent world history. With its passage, Pakistan became the first State — and remains the only one — to judge the faith (or lack thereof) of its citizens. Pakistan’s passport application requires all Pakistanis to condemn the Ahmadi Muslims to be eligible for a ‘Muslim’ passport.

Denied all Religious Freedom: The discriminatory Second Amendment resulted in further restrictions on religious freedom with President Zia’s promulgation of the anti-Ahmadi laws shortly thereafter in 1984. Known as the Ordinance XX, these laws criminalize the daily lives of Ahmadi Muslims and impose a three year jail term for Ahmadis guilty of ‘posing as Muslims’. Thousands of Ahmadis have been jailed under these opprobrious laws for ‘crimes’ such as praying, saying the salam (Muslim greeting), saying the Kalima (Islamic creed), reading the Quran etc. These laws are a violation of the UN Human Rights Charter and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), of which Pakistan is a signatory.



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  1. It is said all is fair in love and war, same is true in politics too. On one side few world powers tearing apart small nations for strategic and political interests but on the other side same nations are championing the human rights and peace on this planet. Myanmar political leader wins noble prize for peace and Rohingya Muslims are being eliminated in the country right under her nose. Foreign minister of Pakistan claims necessity to clean back home but when comes to human rights for Ahmadiyya he turns his eyes from this community.
    This game of cat and mouse is on and likely to continue indefinitely being the nature of mankind. However at appropriate time nature by itself comes in to action and takes care of weak and helpless creature. Indicators are already there. So called mighty world powers have started getting jolts from nature. Pakistan elite also feeling some thing fishy. However biggest problem is no one pay heed that Almighty God has all the power and can turn the tables at any time. Warning shots by nature are already being fired if some one has the sight and mind to feel it.

    • @ Zubair Khan.
      Have you ever ask your self or contemplate a moment and ask your self; Why Allah dose not help Ahmadiyyah Muslims who live their own country from the bad guys ?
      We know that Allah always help those who place their trust on God and do good deeds. It has been decades, Ahmadiyyah Muslims always become a target and become victims. Very sad and pity.
      Must be something wrong? Do not you think ?

  2. @ Somi Tempo:
    No I do not think some thing wrong with Ahmadiyya. Better you explore the religious history. This is just normal. God does not like haste. Nature plays its role at pre planned timings. Ahmadiyya favorable acts are already in motion but one has to have a special insight to see or feel such acts.

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