In Belgium, arguments about Islam grow louder

Source: The Economist

LIKE much else in Belgium, the administration of the country’s second-largest religion is in a rather chaotic state, and things could get worse.

In a kingdom of 11m people, Islam claims the loyalty of about 800,000 souls, of whom the vast majority originate either from Morocco or Turkey. Most of the country’s 300-plus mosques are Turkish or Moroccan in flavour, and imams who serve them usually come from those countries. In Brussels, which is the country’s capital as well as hub of Europe’s main institutions, the Muslim share of the population is about 25%.

Since the terrorist outrages of March 2016, which targeted Brussels airport and the metro system, both the government, the security services and a parliamentary commission have been delving into the country’s Islamic scene to see whether it has any characteristics that make it prone to produce fanatics. The handling of this problem is complicated by Belgium’s older division between Francophones and the Dutch-speakers of Flanders.  Among Flemings on the political right, there is a strong streak of Islamo-scepticism.  Many sensitive matters, like the teaching of Islam and the regulation of female headgear, are handled at regional or local level. Flemings sometime accuse French-speakers of being soft on Islam.

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  1. From my view: Ahmadiyyah should take a lead to declare and to remove all violent Hadith from the book of Hadith.
    So non Muslim or Islamophobia will appreciate Ahmadiyyah’s EFFORT to eliminate Extremist Islamic ideology from the Islamic book of Hadith.
    This is a good moment for Ahmadiyyah and to show that Ahmadiyyah really promote Religion of peace.
    I pray for that.

    • Somi: you are repeating yourself. Sorry, but I will deleate the repetitions in future. The Ahmadiyya ‘stand’ is clear: A hadith cannot contradict the Qur’an. If it looks like it does it will be ignored as unreliable.

  2. Ahmadiyya Muslim community has always brought to the world the most true and accurate picture and teachings of Islam. Unfortunately we cannot have automatic filters implemented that would prevent terrorists and other fear and hate spreading warlocks from using Islam as their favourite scapegoat and sorry excuse for personal, social and political gain.

  3. @ Raffiq
    === A hadith cannot contradict the Qur’an. If it looks like it does it will be ignored as unreliable.===
    It is cool if you do so, you do not apply the violent Hadith.
    But other Clerics want to apply violent Hadith, because Prophet Muhammad command to punish and kill infidel, Hypocrate, blasphemer and apostate etc.

    So as long as there are violent Hadith they have to follow the sunnah of prophet and they punish LGBT, ahmadiyyah and other apostates.

    The problem is not Muslim, but the Syariah law that written in second source of Islamic teaching.

    Hopefully you do not delete my respond to your.
    Let spread LOVE AND RESPECT different idea.

  4. Example Saih Bukari 6922. Allah’s messenger said:

    “Who ever changed his Islamic religion, kill him”

    What do you think Raffiq?
    Give me your thought about Sahih Bukhari.

    • Somi: told you many times: ” There is no compulsion in religion ” (why do you repeat yourself constantly?)

  5. At the moment Ahmadiyya muslim community is the only who is portraying true picture of Islam in front of the World.

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