Catholic Mom Upset After Daughter Is Denied First Communion Over Pantsuit

Source: Huffington Post

By Carol Kuruvilla

Cady Mansell is the kind of girl who loves superheroes, hates itchy skirts, and likes to put on lipstick and nail polish.

The 9-year-old from Crown Point, Indiana, is also a big fan of dressing up in suits ― or pairing her long black slacks with a sharp vest, tie, and flowery headband.

“In her lifetime, she’s always given me a lesson in quirkiness,” the fourth grader’s mom, Chris Mansell, told HuffPost. “But most importantly, confidence. She’s never been afraid to be who she is.”

While preparing for her First Holy Communion, an important milestone for young Catholics, it was abundantly clear to her family that Cady would want to be wholly herself at the altar, and wear something she was comfortable in. So, the family made plans to go to a fancy children’s boutique this spring to purchase a suit. Cady got her suit tailored to fit her just right. Her mom said Cady loved the way her suit was so white that it sparkled.

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