Pakistan: LHCBA imposes life ban on Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah for his statement on Ahmadi Muslims


Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan today said that Ahmedi community should stop declaring themselves as Muslims, if they want to be treated in equal manner as other religious minority groups in Pakistan.

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While addressing a press conference today Sanaullah said, “I said that Ahmedis pretend to be Muslims as they quote Quranic verses and perform religious rituals just like us in a bid to propagate their faith. But let me state it very clearly that according to Islam and Pakistan’s constitution, those who do not believe in Khatam-e-Nabuwwat (finality of Prophethood) are not Muslims.”

He also said that all other minority communities in Pakistan are enjoying equal status as citizens of the country. Ahmedis will have equal rights to if they admit to the fact that they are not Muslims and are a religious minority”.

“It is our duty to protect minorities of the country but the Ahmedis will first have to stop claiming to be Muslims. There is no other way around it,” he said.

Secretary Amir Saeed Rawn told media that a life long ban has been imposed on Rana Sanaullah.

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  1. TO Punyab Law Minister Rana S.Khan.
    ===, those who do not believe in Khatam-e-Nabuwwat (finality of Prophethood) are not Muslims.”===
    Your definition of Islam is wrong 100 percent.

    The true definition of Islam from Al Quran :
    Those who believe in CREATOR ( there are many name of creator depend on langguage we use) and believe theDay of Judgement.
    Allah say ( 22:78) ; all jews, Christian, Muslim, sabiin are Islam or Muslim. Jews and Christians do not believe in Prophet Muhammad pbuh, still Islam. Whereas Ahmadiyyah believe in Prophet Muhammad pbuh, believe in the Day of judgement, believe all prophets, all books, do shalat, zakat, Hajji etc
    Why do you say Ahmadiyyah is not Islam, who tell you that? Your imam? Which one do you believe? Your imam or Allah and Raulullah pbuh?

    I strongly believe that those who discriminate against Ahmadiyyah will be cursed by Allah in present life and hereafter forsure!

    Those who do not follow Human Right are extremist Muslim or terrorist ideology.and enemy of humanity.

    May Allah Pakistan leaders to the right path of Islam.

  2. This is another proof that Islamic teaching ( Al Quran and Hadith) is not a Religion of peace, but violent, discriminative, and against Human Right.

    As we see on the ground, all Islamic ruler, or Islamic contries from Saudi Arabia to Asia are showing a conflict, discriminative society, there is NO PEACE, harmony, love, happiness and prosperity. Very sad, pity, there is something wrong going on …. we really need a reforming of Islamic teaching. Otherwise there is no peace, love and justice fir all people.

    We as immigrant Muslims eho live in majority Christian have to admit that Yes, Christianity is a religion of peace in 21st Century. Islam is not
    All love
    All love.

  3. All conflicts aside, I just want to know according to the statement of mr sanaullah which minority is enjoying their freedom in Pakistan? The answers is , NONE of them. Christians live in fear, sikhs live in terror, Hindus hide and escape, and so on. How can you call that enjoying. They are afraid of even uttering a word to another person on the street because they can be accused of blasphemy in 3.5 seconds. Now that’s freedom for you.

  4. Is there any example of such behavior from our beloved Prophet towards people of other religions? Is this the path that he has taught his followers?No. He was sent as “Rahmat ul lilalameen”to the whole mankind.
    So how they can call themselves true followers of Muhammad (saw)
    Minorities are no longer feel safe in their own country.

    • @ Rubina… you are lack of knowledge of Islam.
      Do you believe the book of Hadith?

      In the book of Hadith: prophet Muhammad pbuh command Muslims or Islsmic ruler to punish and kill : Bladphemer, apostates, homosexual and infidels.( Jews, Chistian and Musyrik )

      Extremist Clerics follow Al Quran as guidance in Islam.
      Allah and prophet Muhammad command to fight Jews, Christian, Musyrik until they pay Jezyaa, Q. 9:29 Q.9:5.
      What do you think?
      Islamic teaching can give peace to live for people, very dad and pity. Except if Muslims can reform all violent verses and hadith.
      All love

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