First Mosque for AMJ Barrie

AMJ Barrie has a new mosque

2017 is a ground breaking year for Barrie chapter of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Canada. A meticulous church building with an area of 17000 square feet , siting over almost 15 acres of land has finally been purchased. Faith Alive Church of Barrie which moved to 110 Line 7 South, Oro-Medonte, ON has been acquired by Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat (AMJ) and is now to be converted to a Mosque.

Congratulations to AMJ Barrie and AMJ Canada!

AMJ Barrie was established in 2004. Then there were only three families living in the city of Barrie and total membership was 11 who were part of AMJ Newmarket.

In same year Barrie became an independent chapter of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Canada. Families living in Angus and Moonstone were also included in Barrie Jamaat. However there was no place of its own to carry its activities and programs. Members used  various members’ homes in rotation or rented public venues for the purpose. Some homes were nominated as Namaz centres. Friday prayer was offered in one of these houses until 2015 when Westside United Church on Ferndale Road was rented part time for activities and programs of Ahmadi Muslim men and women and children.

In 2011 Dr. Rafiq Ahmed Malik moved permanently to Barrie. A retired professor of Architecture, he came with a mission to build a mosque in Barrie. Soon, he realized that local resources are not sufficient to materialize his dream! He approached friends and relatives wherever he could reach out. Locally he made continuous personal efforts to motivate members to donate generously towards Barrie Mosque Fund. By 2016 a significant amount was collected however it was insignificant to buy a place of worship for about 200 Ahmadi members of Barrie chapter.

Later Khalid Malik Sahib and a team of dedicated members of Barrie continued their efforts. In 2017,  Barrie has finally obtained its own centre of worship and activities.

Property Details can be found at below link.



16 replies

  1. Ahmadiyyah should thank to Christian Communities around the world, they are very lovely human being, there is no hatred to others. Ahmadiyyah should also tell to people that Christianity is a religion of peace, mercy and love as well Ahmadiyyah. If Ahmadiyyah can tell to people around the world it means Ahmadiyyah know how to thank and appreciate helps from Christians community.
    All love.

  2. Do not dare to tell the truth, God will bless Ahmadiyyah more. Look at Q. 14:7. But if Ahmadiyyah do not know how to appreciate, Allah will punish Ahmadiyyah later on.
    Please tell to people that Christianity and Ahmadiyyah are religion of peace in 21 century.
    Can you do that ??

  3. ==Another Church to become a Mosque==
    This kind of topic of article is not wise word, will hurt Christian. It seems Ahmadiyyah look down to Christian,
    Please can you change it?

    • Somi, please use your words wisely. The Church closed down and was not being used and was for sale for anyone to buy. The Ahmadiyya Muslim community purchased it fair and square and now it’s a mosque. Thanks to the Grace of the Almighty God. Why are you being on edge and punishing our community? We bring love, peace and compassion to our communities.

      • @ Riffat.. It is a good thing to have another Church for ahmadiyyah community. What I disagree is the word of your article : “another Church to become a Mosque” Do you think it is wise ?

        You can say ; alhamdulillah we can buy another Mosque for our community” Thank God and Christians Community for your generousity.

        Please try not to hurt other feeling with a word. Be wise to use word. Please change it Bro ! For the sake of all peaceful Muslims.
        All love

  4. @ Zia H Khan, I know you are a intelectual Muslim, however, I would like to remind you that this “Topic”
    is not wise, you can do better that. Try do not hurt Christian’s feeling or others. Please change it Bro.!

  5. @ Somi
    I value your comment. The issue you have raised is very valid in our world; ‘it hurts Christian feelings…..’ implying we should not say what hurts a large majority of humanity.
    A simple headline has hurt one Christian’s feelings. Imagine how severely 1.6 billions Muslims are hurt in this world when their most beloved and most esteemed prophet is insulted unjustifiably. Christians call it freedom of speech and Ahmadiyya keeps quite and prays to Lord only.
    Do you still want me to change the topic?

    • Well this a reminder! From a Muslim who live in majority Christians
      If you do not want to listen my advice, and you want to show to Islamophobia that Ahmadiyyah will dominate Christians faith? Woow it is not wise at all, Allah will curse such attitude Bro. Love and respect will defeat hatred forsure! Hatred fight with hatred??? No, you should not throw fuel to the fire?? All love

    • @ Amtul.. there are some respectful forum for debate about Islam and Christianity. Have you ever watch Youtube?
      Again and again— The book of Hadith has destroyed Islam as a religion of peace, mercy and disgrace the life of Muhammad pbuh as messenger of Allah. Christians debaters use the book of Hadith to counter Islamic debater at forum.
      My point is as long as Islamic clerics including Ahmadiyyah still believe in Idols of Hadith— it means we as Muslim are destroying Islam as a religion of peace and disgrace Muhammad pbuh as aMessenger of Allah.
      Do not you agree that! Look at and investigate the book of Hadith you will find them you will be shock !! I can not imagine why this happened.
      Let us reform Islamic teaching if we really want to show again that Islam is a religion of peace and mercy.
      Do you agree? Bro

      • Somi
        In spite of some harsh language in some of your comments, you have come out with another valid point and that is regarding Hadith.
        All Muslims including Ahmadiyya agree that Hadith is a source of guidance. Ahmadiyya believe that any Hadith which is in contradiction with Quran does not stand valid. .If all Muslims follow it, there will be no issue.

  6. @ Riffat.. think a moment…. another Church to become a Mosque” . I believe there are many Islamophobia are watching all Islamic blogs every where, we have to be carefull we live in majority Christians. Yes we have freedom of expression, but we have to wiser and respect others. For thr SAKE ALL MUSLIMS not Ahmadiyyah only, but all Muslims. With love

  7. @ Amtul :===All Muslims including Ahmadiyya agree that Hadith is a source of guidance. Ahmadiyya believe that any Hadith which is in contradiction with Quran does not stand valid. .If all Muslims follow it, there will be no issue.===
    Majority Sunni and Shiah agree that according to Sahih Muslim : those who apostate,blasphemer, homosexual, infidel (Jews Christian) punish and kill them.

    That is why sunnic countries like Saudi, Pakistan, Isis, others follow the laws. The victim is Ahmadiyyah, Shiah and other small sect in Islam.

    Christian debater use the SAHIH MUSLIM BUKHARI that Islam is not Religion of peace. They bring and show the book of Hadith to Islamic debater.

    If those violent hadith are invalid, should be taken out from The book of Hadith.
    My goal is to rewrite the book of Hadith and all false hadith that against Al Quran should NOT be there anymore. Only peacefull hadith. It will be great. Dont you agree that!?
    All love

  8. I think the title “First mosque for AMJ Barrie” is better. In light of current circumstances, and the Islamophobic attitudes towards Muslims, there is no need to explicitly say that a “Church is to become a Mosque”, for that does stir anti-Muslim feelings, irrespective of how unjustified such a feeling is. I am however, here not to dictate what TheMuslimTimes should write, but it is something to keep in mind for the future. Thank You.

    • I agree with Bro!
      We love Ahmadiyyah who promote peaceful of Islam.
      Therefore I urge Zia as a Cheif of editor themuslimtimes to replace this article with a wise topic.
      Please do it Zia, we will appreciate it.

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