Kurdistan has voted overwhelmingly for independence – so what happens next?

The most pressing problem is funding. Much of Kurdistan’s domestic economy is dependent on Turkey, which has threatened to cut off the flow of goods and stop exporting oil because of the referendum

After much anticipation and under threat of retaliation, the people of Iraqi Kurdistan turned out in high numbers to return what appears to be an overwhelming vote in favour of independence from Iraq. Advocates for independence covered a broad spectrum, from those using the vote as a way to negotiate a better future within Iraq to those demanding a new sovereign state.

Although it was never quite clear what the 25 September referendum was intended to achieve, one thing’s for sure: while the Iraqi government, neighbouring states, regional powers and the international community were all against it from the off, the people of Iraqi Kurdistan have voted on self-determination and given a very clear mandate for independence.

It only takes a short stay in Iraqi Kurdistan to conclude that a separation from the rest of Iraq seems inevitable, thanks to both the long-held Kurdish desire for a homeland and the different trajectories that Iraqi Kurdistan and Iraq have followed now for more than a quarter of a century.

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  1. If the ruler if Iraq, Iran and Turkey follow The tenet of Islam, war can be evoided, but if they follow Setan, war will be unavoidable, more innocent victims for Kurdish

    • anyway, Barzani’s Kurdistan is as much – or more – a dictatorship than Turkey. Welcome to the club.

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