For Some, Domestic Violence Shelters Are A Last Resort. Harvey Took That Too.

Source: Huffington Post

Mary Woods holds her head in her hands as she shows off some of the damage Harvey left at the domestic violence shelter she works at in Humble, Texas.

HUMBLE, Texas ― Mary Woods grew concerned when she took the last gallon of milk out of the fridge.

It was a week after Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas, slamming the eastern region of the state with torrential rains, and food supplies were running low at The Door, the only domestic violence shelter in the northern Houston area.

Woods, 52, is an advocate there. She quickly jotted down a list of highest-priority needs: eggs, bread, diapers, toilet paper, lunch meat and juice boxes.

The main roads surrounding The Door flooded during the storm, stranding about 40 women and children who live there. No one could arrive or leave. As the water started to recede and roads began to clear, many stores were still closed and the shelter was in dire need of donations.

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