Parents who murdered their daughter for ‘refusing to embrace Pakistani culture’

Source: Daily Mail

Shafilea had only just started college to study for her A-levels after hospital treatment for deliberately swallowing bleach while staying with her grandparents in rural Pakistan.On the night of the murder Shafilea had been picked up by her mother from her evening call centre job.She had been dressed in Western clothing in defiance of her parents’ desire for her to wear traditional dress.The following day, Alesha allegedly told friends her father had killed Shafilea and chopped up her body, although she afterwards denied saying it. However her parents did not report her missing, and the alarm was only raised a week later by an ex-teacher worried about rumours of what had happened.By contrast, when Shafilea ran away before the trip to Pakistan, they had repeatedly called her mobile and contacted her friends in a bid to find her

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