Trump rhetoric versus Afghan reality

Source: BBC

Of course Mr Trump inevitably tried to present this policy as a new departure. A conditions-based strategy means the US is involved for the long haul.Things are not going well for government forces. The Taliban hold almost half of the country and the Afghan military’s performance – other than its elite special forces – is patchy at best. So there is a lot to do just to stabilise the situation before even thinking about the Afghan government forces going back onto the offensive.It was all wrapped up in typical Trump rhetoric – the talk of “victory”, the insistence that the war in Afghanistan was not about nation-building but about “killing terrorists” as he put it. This was no doubt an effort to reassure his political base who are as sceptical about foreign military adventures as Mr Trump has always been.Mr Trump proposed an integrated approach – military, political and diplomatic. He had tough words for Pakistan who he said “had much to lose by continuing to harbour terrorists. That will change and change immediately,” he asserted.But just how much pressure is he able to exert on Islamabad? Some US security assistance funds have already been suspended. But Pakistan – half-ally, half-problem for Washington – is also the prime intermediary with the Taliban – a group at least parts of which, Mr Trump hoped one day, possibly, to bring to the negotiating table.






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  1. When some one does not want to learn from history no one can help. Afghans have huge history.(Topak Zama Qanoon day) Gun is my law. You can not bow their heads with guns. Dialogue has to work. Pakistan and Iran share not only borders but ethnicity also. Both have to be involved for resolving the problem. Bringing India will solve nothing. When great Britain was in India all efforts to concur the Pakhtoons failed. Now also power of gun will fail. However problem is under intoxication of power no one wants to face facts on grounds. God may help all and enable them to have mercy on humanity. amin

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