The U.S. Catholic Church’s last major effort on racism was in 1979. Charlottesville woke it up.

Source: The Washington Post

 August 23 at 6:23 PM

A young boy clasps hands while demonstrators and sympathizers hear a prayer as they continued to stand at a rope barricade at Selma, Ala., March 12, 1965. Three priests and a nun stand at the rope which was taken down later by the police chief. (AP Photo)

The modern-day American Catholic church seems to be finally waking up to racial issues.

On Wednesday, the U.S Conference of Catholic Bishops – the leadership arm of the U.S. church – announced the formation of a special committee on racism. The category of the committee is the conference’s highest; it alone holds the same top-priority rank as committees on religious liberty and the protection of (traditional) marriage.

The committee will have its work cut out for it, as the USCCB’s last major effort on racism in America was in 1979.

The committee will be led by African-American Bishop George Murray, of Ohio, who was born in Camden, N.J., and graduated Georgetown University.

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