‘Peace for all or peace for none’


Aug 22,2017 – JORDAN TIMES – Hasan Abu Nimah

The Middle East is a region that has been deprived of peace for no less than a full decade.

All efforts, by the UN, superpowers, regional actors and mediators over the years to resolve causes of instability have failed. Actually, the situation has been steadily deteriorating.

The region remains a major source of widening instability well beyond the region’s borders.

It all started with the injustice planned, and later on planted, in Palestine in the middle of the last century.

Commenting on the outcome of a limited Arab consultation meeting in Cairo last Saturday, Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi, who then conferred with his Egyptian and Palestinian counterparts, discussing the stalled Middle East peace process, said: “If the Palestinian people are deprived of peace, the region cannot enjoy it.”

I would easily add “not just the region”. Instability has been spreading.

The foreign minister is absolutely right. The Palestinian injustice is the root cause, not just one of the root causes, and the very origin of instability, conflict, radicalisation, terror, extremist trends, cultural diseases, sectarianism, backwardness, economic problems, underdevelopment, poverty and much more. The list could expand indefinitely.

As proven by the region’s history, and the sequence of events since the Zionist programme became due for implementation in Palestine at the beginning of the 20th century, Safadi’s statement could apply retroactively: it has indeed been valid since then.

Although during most of last century the existing international climate was totally different from what has developed since, it was not that difficult to sense the danger of local disputes spreading beyond their limited original spheres.

History is rife with examples of small local troubles developing quickly into major international crisis putting the world on the brink of global confrontation.

A brief look at the history of the Israeli-Arab conflict offers a very clear example of such thesis.

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  1. I am disappointed by the writer. What peace efforts? Why do you not write about the (very successful) DESTABILIZATION EFFORTS?

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