New national council to issue progressive rulings for Britain’s Muslims

Source: The Guardian

North of England correspondent

Qari Asim, one of UK’s most prominent imams, says central religious authority will interpret Islam in line with British values

Qari Asim
 Qari Asim: ‘It’s about providing a credible, authoritative voice for Muslims.’ Photograph: Christopher Thomond for the Guardian

Britain’s most senior Muslim clerics are to set up their first national council to issue progressive religious rulings that “embed Islam in a 21st-century British context”.

Qari Asim, one of Britain’s most prominent imams, said the central religious authority would promote an interpretation of Islam that was in line with British values.

Asim, the chief imam of Makkah mosque in Leeds, said the British Muslim community was crying out for an authoritative and credible voice that could speak out on issues as diverse as terrorism, obesity, organ donation and Islamophobia.

“People are proud and confident of their religious identity as well as their national identity, but at times they’re not getting enough theological or doctrinal guidance on some of their daily issues,” he said.

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3 replies

  1. If I am wrong,please correct me.
    I ever read some books of Ahmadiyyah it seem to me that Muslim Ahmadiyyah still follow the ancient Islamic interpretation such as; The execution of beheading, flogging people at front of Public. And women have to wear hijab, and men have to grow beard etc Muslims Ahmadiyyah can not accept to change or to reform Syariah Law. Ahmadiyyah do not agree with the democratic system to choose his leader or President.

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