Switzerland: Exaggerated …


Daniel Foppa

Ressortleiter Inland

(Possible prohibition of the importation of Halal and Kosher Meat into Switzerland)   (Halal and Kosher slaughter is already prohibited)

When the National Council adopted the motion to ban imports of animal-induced products in June, the emotions were high in Romandy: (French speaking Switzerland) consumers feared that they would have to forego stuffed foie gras. As it turns out, the advance could have far more dramatic consequences – namely, an import ban on halal and kosher meat.

The subject is pre-loaded. In 1893, the very first Referendum anchored the prohibition of kosher slaughter in the constitution. The initiative had been launched by animal rights activists, but the struggle for struggle was characterized by antisemitism. The focus was on the resistance against the immigration of Eastern European Jews. When the Federal Council wanted to abolish the now prohibited prohibition on bans in 2001, he met with rejection. He let the project go, but he kept to the import possibility expressly in the sense of a compromise. But the issue remained latent: two initiatives called for an import ban on short-cuts – without success. One came from animal protectionist Erwin Kessler, who was convicted of racist statements in connection with these endeavors.

The Shadows are highly emotional and can harm religious peace. It is therefore all the more surprising that in the treatment of the motion a possible import ban was not an issue. Such a restriction would be drastic for the 18,000 Jews in Switzerland. For, according to Jewish doctrine, meat is not kosher when animals are dazed before the shafts. Religious Jews would therefore have to procure meat for private consumption themselves abroad, become vegetarians or emigrate.

The goal of the Motion is honorable. In a weighing of goods between animal welfare and culinary arts, the latter can not be the decisive factor. However, the ritual slaughter, which is an identity-building for Jews and Muslims, requires a differentiated view. It can not simply be equated with animal cruelty and should not be the object of this advance. The implications of an import ban would be a disproportionate interference with the religious freedom of a whole community of beliefs – and unprecedented worldwide.

SOURCE:  (in original German language):  https://www.tagesanzeiger.ch/schweiz/standard/nicht-verhaeltnismaessig/story/10698200

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