Jordan: Model in stability

His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan


The ranking of Jordan as the ninth safest country globally and second among Arab countries is an enormous feat that all Jordanians should be proud of.

This envious standing was confirmed by the recent Gallup 2017 Law and Order Study which found that the Kingdom enjoys a high level of security and safety, at a time when the breakdown of law and order is widespread among nations around the world.

This is a hard-won achievement due to the attention and care given to security and safety issues by successive governments, and through the efforts of security agencies and the army.

Confidence in police, low theft and assault rates, and secure borders are among the reasons respondents gave to explain the country’s overall high security record.

Yet, the government and the people must not lower their joint level of vigilance. The government cannot alone maintain such a high level of security without the cooperation of the public.

Citizens must continue offering their maximum support and cooperation to local authorities in order to maintain this high level of security and stability across the country

The investment in security is well placed and should continue to command the attention of all stakeholders. Still, there are persistent challenges to national security, especially due to regional tensions, continued economic hardships and high levels of unemployment and poverty.

Dire economic and social hardships are among the main contributors to crime and violence.

True, the government is trying hard to combat unemployment and poverty, but there is no denying that more needs to be done and can be done to combat the prevailing economic woes in the country.

Work must be directed to capitalising on this international achievement to attract more tourists and investors, thus mitigating pressure on the economy.

Jordan needs to remain an oasis of peace and moderation, and this is where the international community can do more to help the Kingdom remain a model for security and moderation.


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  1. all the above may be right. Thanks to the balancing act of His Majesty the King. But we must add: Thank you CIA and Mossad for not destabilizing Jordan (so far) as you are doing with all our neighbors.

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