Enjoy August – conspiracy theorists think it will be your last month on Earth

If you believe in conspiracy theories, don’t plan anything for September.

Or the rest of the year for that matter.



Because the world will no longer be here – according to conspiracy theorists.

Yes, you read that correctly. They say the world is going to end next month.

They say this most months, but anyway.


How is this going to happen?

Well, it’s all down to a mythical planet, creatively called Planet X or Nibiru.

For years, people have been predicting that the alien planet will collide with the Earth and bring about the end of days.

They also say it has something to do with the American total solar eclipse that will occur on 21 August, which will cast areas of the planet into darkness.

Oh and the Bible is involved too because an apocalypse wouldn’t be a real apocalypse if it wasn’t biblical.

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