Indonesia: Ahmadiyah Mosque in Depok Attacked before Eid al-Fitr


Ahmadiyah Mosque in Depok Attacked before Eid al-Fitr

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – A group of unidentified people attacked an Ahmadiyya mosque in Sawangan, Depok at 0:30 am yesterday, June 24.

“There were several perpetrators…” said Asep Komarudin, a member of Civil Right Defender via short message yesterday.

Asep explained that the attack began at 0:30 am when unidentified people hurled paint bombs and eggs to the mosque compound.

According to Asep, they attacked the back door first, followed by the mosque’s left side. A badminton court and the floor were hit by paint bombs. A newly-installed CCTV also changed direction after eggs were hurled at it.

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“At the front gate, the perpetrator who threw paint wore white baju koko [male Muslim shirt] and a white peci [cap]. Others were seen waiting for the perpetrator,” Asep said.

At 2 am, the offenders dispersed. Later in the morning, locals found a banner bearing the word: “Kami Masyarakat Sawangan Menolak Jamaat Ahmadiyah Melaksanakan Shalat Ied Fitri” (We, the People of Sawangan, Don’t Expect to See the Ahmadiyya Followers Performing Eid al-Fitr Prayer).

Asep said that the attackers purportedly familiar with the location. He reasoned that they managed to attack several spots.

In addition, it seemed to be well-planned and organized, Asep said. “The perpetrators tried to cover up evidence of footage of their crime by hurling CCTV cameras with eggs…”.

Following the incident, the Civil Right Defenders Team who serves as the attorney of the Ahmadiyya Indonesia followers in Depok has urged the police take the perpetrators to justice and reveal the motive behind the terror attack.

Moreover, the attorney has also urged President Joko Widodo to instruct his subordinates to ensure the protection of freedom of religion, belief, and prayer for all citizens.

The Ahmadiyya Indonesia followers had earlier been on the receiving end of threats from their detractors.


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