Yemen cholera epidemic reaches ‘devastating proportions’ as deaths mount

Yemen is in the grip of an unprecedented cholera epidemic that is killing one person nearly every hour.

The Saudi-led coalition has closed the country’s main airport and prevented many reporters and human rights workers from entering Yemen.

But the evidence from local journalists and aid agencies on the ground is clear — more help is urgently needed.

Abdo Ibrahim is still in a state of shock. A few hours ago, he thought his eight-year-old son Muhab was about to die in his arms.

“As I was on my way to the hospital I thought he’s dying. He was so weak. I said, ‘That’s it, it doesn’t look like he will live’,” Mr Ibrahim, said.

“His eyes had rolled back into his head and I thought, ‘I’ve lost my child! He’s dead, dead’.”

Cholera is an acute diarrheal infection caused by contaminated food or water.

It can kill children within just a few hours.

“Last night at 10pm he was fine,” Mr Ibrahim said. “But in the morning he couldn’t even stand up.”

Thanks to his father’s quick decision to bring him to the hospital, Muhab survived, but across Yemen one person each hour is now dying from cholera.


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