Sanitary worker’s death

Source: Dawn

THE tragic death of a sanitary worker in Umerkot in Sindh on Thursday highlights — yet again — how those who boast of providing aid and succour can fail to show even an ounce of humanity. Young Irfan Masih had been cleaning a deep manhole when he was rendered unconscious by poisonous gas. The team on the ground heard his call but had no equipment with which to pull him out immediately. Nevertheless, they managed to do so and took him to Umerkot Civil Hospital. Appallingly, though, the doctor on duty there allegedly refused to treat him, saying that he was fasting and that the patient was covered in filth. Given that the facility had no oxygen cylinder either, a young man who in life belonged to one of the most marginalised and discriminated against sections of society died. Meanwhile, three of his colleagues, who had also descended into the manhole to try and save him, were taken to a hospital in Hyderabad in critical condition.


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  1. Mind set of whole nation has become totally rusty. Majority of the Pakistanis living abroad, for one or the other reasons, feel so ashamed about the things happening back home that some of them have stopped calling themselves Pakistanis. Name any curse or menace associated with human beings and one finds it in Pakistan. It looks like whole nation is under wrath of God Almighty. Since God Almighty is slow in vanishing the corrupted nations as such Pakistan is still on the map of the earth. However the current mind set of nation clearly indicates the nation is going to be wiped out. It is now just a mater of time.

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