The truth about whether Islamic values are compatible with Western values

Time and again Islam’s teachings uphold religious and personal freedoms. If dictators in the Middle East or radical Muslim preachers oppose the Prophet Mohammed in their words and actions, then they’re solely to blame

A recent poll published by the BBC suggested the majority of Brits don’t think Islam is compatible with Western values. This is a thoroughly concerning finding considering how there are nearly 3 million people living in the UK who describe themselves as Muslim. But how incompatible are their views with Western values in reality? It’s especially important to ask this after acts of atrocity like the Nice attack.

The core Western values of democracy, freedom and justice can be seen as the bedrock of its civilisation – and for practising, informed Muslims, freedom and democratic values are anything but new to them. Islam from its very outset advocated for complete freedom, justice and democratic values.

Many are quick to point out that today, many Islamic nations seem to have fallen back into the Dark Ages. But it was Islamic injunctions which first spurned the great advancements made during the Islamic Golden Age from the 8th to the 13th century. The reason many so-called Islamic countries have gone backwards socially or politically is a direct consequence of failing to faithfully follow Islamic injunctions. This is because they have allowed themselves to follow the ideology of hardline clerics, rather than truly Islamic teachings.

From the outset, Islam has always advocated for a democratic form of governance, leaving it to the people to decide how and by whom they should be led.


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  1. Agreed, very important. An interesting book on this topic is “Islam at the Crossroads” by Muhammad Asad. So much of what is valued in the West, the foundation is Islam. Muslims were establishing universities and free hospitals when Catholic Christians were burning books, burning Jews, and praying over the sick instead of diagnosing and treating. So much of the problems in the world is rooted in values spread by Christian Colonialism. For additional reading, see the book “Popes, Lawyers, and Infidels.”

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