There is not a place in paradise awaiting terrorists – but there are abusive hate preachers who exploit vulnerable young Muslims in this life

There are no violent, extremist or provocative verses in the Quran, only distorted, misquoted and purposefully misinterpreted ones

The anti-Islam bandwagon has resurfaced in the wake of theManchester attack, led by extremist commentators and a whole host of Islamophobes on social media. They reaffirm false ideologies spouted by Muslim radicals. The most popular of these false beliefs is that murdering innocents will take you to Heaven.

It won’t; according to the Quran, calling yourself a Muslim does not, in itself, make you worthy of paradise. Neither does killing people. After all, it was the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) who said, “a Muslim is one from whose hands and tongue people are safe.”


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  1. I feel just a little bit sorry for these stupid suicide bombers who blow themselves up just to end up in hell.

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