Australia: Ahmadi Muslims take a stand in the streets of Perth with the message: Love for all & Hatred for none

Source: | By Emma Young

‘I’m Muslim, ask me anything’: Perth young people take stand

Members of Perth’s Muslim community have taken to the streets with a message of love and tolerance in the wake of the Manchester terror attacks.

On Saturday a group of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community members stood in Perth CBD wearing shirts saying ‘I’m Muslim Ask Me Anything’

Answering a question from a passerby.

They sought permission from the City of Perth and once it was was received, went to the CBD wearing their T-shirts to spread their message: ‘Love for all and hatred for none’.

Imam Kamran Tahir said the group had been thinking of doing this for a while but after the attacks in Manchester “thought it was time”… read more at source.

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