Source: The Daily Beast.

In Rome, there was that awkward moment Wednesday morning when the first lady stood rather uncomfortably dressed in black with her dark mantilla veil on her head in the grandiose corridor of the Apostolic Palace as her husband met with Pope Francis for 29 minutes behind closed doors. She eventually got to go in, but the first thing the pope asked her was, “What do you feed him?” implying that he is chubby and that it’s her fault as his wife. “Pizza,” she replied, smiling. Touché.

In Israel, who can forget the image of first daughter Ivanka praying alone in the cordoned off section of the plaza in front of the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. Female reporters traveling with the president there were also separated from their male colleagues.

In Saudi Arabia, where women can’t vote, can’t drive, and live under the guardianship of men, neither the first lady nor the first daughter wore head scarves, but they were so obviously just window dressing to the event. While much attention was paid to their choice not to wear a headscarf as a political statement, it must be noted that the precedent was set long ago by other first ladies like Michelle Obama as well as world leaders like Theresa May and Angela Merkel.


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  1. All branches connected to Abraham a.s. religion aught to behave the same way so no surprise. Instead calling it absence of gender equality better term it following true religious rituals. As for Trump or his family is concerned, none of them is religious so who cares?

  2. All the Abrahamic religions follow much the same tradition relating to women’s head covering,which was once standard, although Christians have become more relaxed about the practice. It is hypocritical for the Trump women to not cover their heads when in Saudi Arabia, and then make such a show of wearing black and covering their heads in the presence of the Pope. As for their religion, all I know is that Ivanka converted to Orthodox Judaism, as her husband is a Jew, their children are being raised in the Jewish tradition; the brothers are also married to Jews, and I believe may also have converted, and the youngest daughter has a Jewish boyfriend. So, all in all, it seems that the Trump dynasty is now Jewish.

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