In Israel, Trump urges new Middle East harmony but faces old suspicions

Source: The Washington Post

President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sketched the broad outlines of a new architecture for the Middle East here late Monday, declaring common cause among the United States, Israel and Arab nations such as Saudi Arabia to roll back Iranian aggression and defeat Islamist terrorism.

Their joint cooperation could “create conditions for realistic peace” in the region, a beaming Netanyahu said as he praised Trump for what he called a changed U.S. policy toward Iran. In their talks earlier in the day, he said, Trump had “noted so succinctly that common dangers are turning former enemies into partners.”

Trump, who arrived here Monday after two days in the Saudi capital, where he spoke of his ambitions to dozens of Muslim leaders, predicted “many, many things that can happen now that would never been able to happen before.”

Sweeping in its promise, Trump’s approach is the latest iteration of his classic dealmaking style: set an audacious target but instead of charting a step-by-step road map, rely on what he sees as his negotiating skill and power of personal persuasion to eventually achieve it.

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