Gambia: Sectarian cleric backs persecution of Ahmadi Muslims

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Sectarian cleric backs persecution of Gambia’s Ahmadi Muslims

A controversial Sunni cleric, who had urged Gambia’s government to expel Ahmadi Muslims from the West African nation is continuing his campaign for the persecution of the minority Muslim group.

Imam Abdoulie Fatty, an influential member of the power Supreme Islamic Council and former head of a mosque in the Gambia’s presidential compound insists Ahmadis are not Muslims and should have their own cemetery.

“The Tallinding cemetery incident is not the first of its kind, and I believe is high time the Supreme Islamic Council wrote a letter to the government to tell them they don’t recognize the Ahmadis as Muslims,” said Fatty.

Tensions flared last week after Sunni Muslim youths in the township of Tallinding, 10 miles southwest of the capital, Banjul denied Ahmadis burial rites for one the sect’s members.

Supreme Islamic Council backed the Sunni community when it demanded that the Ahmadis exhume their dead from the… read more at source.

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