Pakistan exporting terror, claim three neighbours

Source: TOI

With Iran’s top military official warning Pakistan of reprisals for sheltering Sunni militias attacking targets in Iran, three of Islamabad‘s neighbours have accused it of cross-border terrorism. Iran’s warning that it might be considering its version of“surgical strikes”+ comes after 10 of its border guards were killed+ by a group identified as Jaish-al-Adl which Tehran believes is sheltered in Pakistan.Sunni groups operating from Pakistan believe Shia-majority Iran does not conform to Islam and is a fair target for violence.




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  1. Do not forget Yamkapur war of 1967 when Israel taught a lesson to its neighbors and until today none dares to point fingers at Israel. Dare not to give such suggestions. Never underestimate Pakistanis when it comes to their survival. It is already doing enough to counter terrorism. Instead suggesting attacks, plan to cooperate with Pakistan to eradicate the menace of terrorism in the region.

  2. While I agree that it would be better to seek diplomacy rather than military threats three neighbors might have a point …

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