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VIGILANTES KILL TO PROTECT COWS IN INDIA Hindu nationalists are accused of vigilantism to forcefully promote their distorted Hindu vision of India. The cow, which is a common sight on India’s roads are now becoming the center of rising violent social upheaval. A number of vigilante mobs, on the pretext of defending so-called Hindu values, have been lynching and even killing people who they suspect of trading cows or eating those mammals. The Hindutva (“Hindu-first”) government has done almost nothing to stop them. Hindu Nationalists are Protecting Cows Over People in India.

Certain portions of Hindu philosophy consider cows a sacred animal. Academics, however, say nothing in the Hindu scriptures say that the cow is a holy animal. Attacks on religious minorities have risen all over India from the time Narendra Modi took over as the elected Prime Minister. He is from the Bharatiya Janata Party or as it is popularly known, the BJP. The party is an openly Hindu nationalist one. Although the Prime Minister has assured the Indian electorate that minorities will be protected, this is clearly not happening. The Muslim population of India is at its uneasiest right now.

Hindus make up about 80 percent of the population in India. Muslims comprise 14 percent of the population. The list of other minority religions includes Jainism, Christianity, Buddhism and Sikhism. The electoral triumph of Yogi Adityanath to become chief minister of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh has given a strong fillip to Hindu nationalists. Adityanath is an ultra-conservative Hindu priest who openly says that those Indians opposed to the Hindu way of life should drown in the sea.

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  1. This is nothing but blasphemy . But there is a vital difference between Muslim blasphemy and Hindu blasphemy . Muslim blasphemy is supported by every Muslim , even a leader like Mr. Imran Khan says that a blasphemer deserves death penalty . On the other hand , no one is supporting Hindu hardliners in India . Interesting point is that all those who are opposing hardliners for their heinous crime ( murder of some Muslims in the name of cow ) , worship cow and regard it sacred . It is true that one should not hurt others sentiments but hurting the sentiments does not mean murder . There is one more interesting aspect . In India , all those who have been killed or beaten , were related to slaughter houses but in Pakistan ahmadies are easy target while they love Huzoor SAW more than people like Mr. Imran khan . Question is that can a difference in the interpretation of the Quranic word ” khatumannabbeen ” make a person blasphemer ? We must condemn every type of murder in the name of blasphemy .

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