‘For sake of God and family’, Saudi man forgives murderer of his two sons

Saudi father forgives the killer of his two sons for the sake of God and family ties. (Supplied)

Six months after the killing of two brothers by their cousin, the Saudi father, Saa’d Mohammed Abdallah Al- Mansour Al- Shahrani, decided to forgive his sons’ murderer, and also did not insist on  the customary blood money being paid.

He said, “I waived this crime for the sake of God. The murderer is my uncle’s grandson and my daughter’s husband and he killed two of my children – one  28-year-old and the other is 26-year-old – and injured their younger brother by shooting them six months ago.”

“The case is deeply painful looking at the close familial connection between us and the murderer who got into a dispute with my sons and shot them,” he added.

“I was sad when my cousin (the killer’s father) got arrested. I consider him to be my brother and I paid for his bail myself, because he should not be held responsible for his son’s doing. Although the police officers were surprised by my gesture of forgiveness and my fear for my old brother and his health, I told them that I will remain in jail with him until he is set free.”

MORE:   http://english.alarabiya.net/en/News/gulf/2017/04/16/Saudi-man-forgives-his-sons-murderer-free-of-charge.html

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  1. When Saudi Arabia executes a murderer (ok, a few murderers and drug dealers) the Western Media publishes it widely, when a Saudi Arabian, using the same sharia law, forgives the murderer of his sons Western Media does not consider it interesting enough to publish is. Well, we do.

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