Indian police: Mob kills Muslim man who was transporting cow

Source: Associated Press


NEW DELHI (AP) — A Muslim man beaten by a mob that accused him of transporting cows for slaughter has died in western India, police said Wednesday, in the latest violence by Hindu vigilante groups enraged over treatment of the animal they consider sacred.

Pehlu Khan died late Tuesday of injuries sustained when he and 14 other men were brutally beaten three days earlier in Rajasthan state, police said.

Hindus, who form 80 percent of India’s 1.3 billion population, consider cows to be sacred and for many eating beef is taboo. In many Indian states, the slaughtering of cows and selling of beef is either restricted or banned.

The men had bought the dairy cows at a cattle fair and were taking them home in neighboring Haryana state when the mob stopped the trucks, pulled out the men and beat them, said the duty officer at the police control room in Behror town, where Saturday’s attack took place.

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2 replies

  1. It is not the matter of a animal . It is the matter of faith . Everyone loves his faith and if someone hurts his faith he becomes furious . We have seen many times by Muslims , fatwa of murder by Khomeni , killing of cartoonist in France etc , Taslima Nasrin is still hiding . I think it is a Hindu blasphemy but there is one vital difference . Architect of Muslim blasphemy is treated as a great hero of the community , they have full support of Muslim religious leaders , Muslim intellectuals , Muslim press & media and Muslim mass , even Muslim government and administration support . But in this case , no one is supporting this heinous crime . Hindu political parties , Hindu leadership , Hindu intellectuals , Hindu press and media , so called communal Indian government and Hindus in general … each and everyone is condemning this act . Now question is that which community deserve to be survived !

  2. The point is that there was no proof that the cows were bought to be slaughtered. It clearly says that they were dairy cows. And just because Muslims had bought them, these fanatical Hindus jumped to the conclusion that they were going to be slaughtered.

    Did anybody ask them for proof?

    There are fanatics in every belief system and this usually leads to the miscarriage of justice.

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