Stop the “Liberation Wars” in the Middle East!

Dear friends, 2 years after our visit to the “is” we were back in Mosul. Taking great risks my son Freddy was making a video. Exclusive Images, which you have never seen. They show how absurd the “Liberation Wars on terror” are. Who wants to defeat terrorism must not be allowed to kill thousands of civilians. And turn entire cities to rubble and ashes. As long as the politicians don’t understand it, the terror will never end.

It is a moral outrage that over mosul – unlike on aleppo – barely anything is published. I was in both cities. The situation in Mosul is just as awful as in Aleppo. Nevertheless, none of our politicians are protesting against the daily murders in Mosul. Because that is where the Americans are bombing and not the Russians?

We want to use this video for the world to open your eyes. Our politicians need to put a stop to this, the problems of our world with bombs. With their anti-terrorism war with which supposedly the people want to break free from the terror, you breed only new terrorism. Please help with this information and share this video! Your JT (Juergen Todenhoefer – with son Frederic, from Mosul).



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