Ibtihaj Muhammad: I Fear President Trump’s ‘Campaign of Terror’ Against American Ideals

Source: Time

Muhammad is an American fencer and Olympic medalist

Dear President Trump,

Representing the United States in the Olympic Games was the greatest honor of my life. I will never forget walking into Opening Ceremonies behind our American flag that I revere surrounded by my teammates. Each drawn from different sports, many of different faiths and various ethnicities. Yet, in that diversity was America itself: united by love for our country.

My story is a quintessential small-town-America story. In my hometown, Maplewood, New Jersey, the question was always which sport I would play, not whether I would play one. My point isn’t really about sport, it’s about opportunity — the opportunity to strive for and believe in one’s own destiny. That is what made America’s story so unique from any that preceded it, and mine and every other American’s as well.

ibtihaj-muhammad-fencer-trumpOlympian Ibtihaj Muhammad On Being Black And Muslim In America
Ibtihaj Muhammad talks to time about winning a medal at the games and what its like to be black and Muslim in America.

I love America because of the simultaneous idea that we are both exceptional and flawed — as individuals and a nation — and, that it is our collective responsibility as a people to honor each other’s potential.

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