Canada: Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth’s ‘Islam Understood’ campaign teaches true Islam nationwide; holds over 100 open house exhibitions


By Todd Hambleton, Cornwall Standard-Freeholder

Youth group wants to build bridges of understanding of Islam

A national Canadian Muslim youth group has launched a nationwide campaign to provide citizens an opportunity to learn about the true teachings of Islam.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association has been presenting “Islam Understood,’’ holding over 100 open house exhibitions in cities and towns across the country, including on Saturday afternoon at the Cornwall Public Library.

“We’re here to talk about Islam and any questions about it or misconceptions,’’ said Imtiaz Ahmed, an Ottawa-based Imam who is the national assistant director of outreach for the youth association, and leading the Islam Understood campaign in Eastern Ontario.

The campaign endeavours to build bridges of understanding by showing Canadians the true face of Islam, and it has included some door-to-door canvassing in Cornwall and many other cities and communities.

Earlier in March, thousands of Canadian Muslim youth canvassed 65 towns in addition to core downtown intersections in major Canadian cities to speak with Canadians and answer any questions they have about Islam.

The association notes that at a time when Islam is one of the most widely searched topics online — and in light of a… read more at source.