USA: Ahmadiyya Muslim Students Organization Texas works with interfaith organizations to build interfaith relationships



Interfaith communities come together with strength in numbers

Though the anti-Muslim flyers stapled across the West Mall and the vandalism of the Texas Hillel building were clearly intended to frighten, religious leaders on campus have come together in showing mutual
interfaith support.

“There is a really strong desire to build interfaith relationships and to create authentic relationships with folks of different faiths and backgrounds,” said Rebecca Mather, social justice coordinator at Texas Hillel. “There’s a desire and a call to stand in solidarity with one another.”

UT alumnus Usama Malik said he became involved with interfaith work at UT through his involvement with the Texas Ahmadiyya Muslim Students Organization. Malik said his original inspiration to get involved with the interfaith community emerged from his advocacy work against anti-Muslim rhetoric and misconceptions. He said he felt the need to outspokenly support others as well.

“When any other group comes in through the crosshairs, we definitely want to stand up for anybody else,” Malik said.

Krystal Leedy, associate pastor of the… read more at source.

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