Israel bill to limit Muslim call to prayer passes parliamentary first reading


Dome of the rock. First built in 688–692, expanded 820s, restored 1020s, 1545–1566, 1721/2, 1817, 1874/5, 1959–1962 and 1993. It is on Temple mount, which is 35 acres in size. The Muslim Times is promoting secularism in every country of the world

Source: Independent

Supporters say will improving the quality of life of people living near mosques while opponents say impinges on the religious freedom of Muslims

An Israeli law to limit the Muslim call to prayer from mosques has won preliminary approval though opponents have denounced the measure as racist. One of the bills would ban summons to worhsip via loudspeakers between 11pm and 7am, effectively banning one of the first of five daily calls emanating from the mosques a little before dawn.

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