Canada: Ahmadi Muslim youth make house calls in Moose Jaw as national outreach continues


By Carmel Kilkenny |

Muslim young people were visiting homes in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan yesterday in an effort to dispel the myths and misunderstandings about the second-largest religion, after Christianity, in the world.

Ahmadi Muslims come from an Islamic religious movement established in Punjab, British India, near the end of the 19th century.

“Mosques were universities, places of social gathering. And mosques were for anybody to come.”

These visits were the latest initiative of Muslims across Canada to reach out in the wake of the deadly attack in the mosque in Quebec City in late January. Six men were shot and killed while praying.

“This was a very important campaign, especially after these attacks,” Zeeshan Ahmed, the imam for the Ahmadiyya Muslims in Saskatchewan told CBC. Islam teaches that no place of worship should be attacked Ahmed said.

20 young Muslims spent the day knocking on people’s doors, speaking with people downtown and handing out information about Islam.

“I’m really touched that they’re coming out,” Jean Bell told CBC after a group visited her home. She said prior to the visit she wasn’t sure where she could go to connect to the Muslim community.

Zeeshan Ahmed says one of the… read more at source.

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