Thousands defy rally ban to celebrate Pakistani blasphemy murderer

Source: Reuters

By Saad Sayeed | ISLAMABAD

Thousands of religious hardliners in Pakistan defied a ban on demonstrations to rally on Wednesday in support of a man executed for murdering a popular governor over his call to reform the country’s blasphemy laws.

Mumtaz Qadri was executed on Feb. 29 last year for killing Salman Taseer, the governor of Punjab, Pakistan’s most populous province.

Qadri had been assigned as one of Taseer’s bodyguards after the governor enraged the religious right by calling for reform to the country’s blasphemy laws in support of a Christian woman who had been sentenced to death.

After his arrest, Qadri became a hero to many in hardline factions for his action, seen as defending Islam.

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  1. I understand that a true religion makes law- abiding , as far as Islam is concerned , it expects from a Muslim that he will be obedient to Allah , His prophet and the authority ( except ahmadies , other Muslims believe that authority means only Muslims ) . To know about this protest , I am thinking about Darwin’s Survival of the fittest theory . I am scared because We know that hundreds and hundred strong and giant species have been vanished . Should those who are supporting a murder , be saved ?

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