Why Muslims could actually thrive under President Trump

Source: The Washington Post

February 23

This feels like the worst of times for Muslims in America.

While hatred for and visceral fear of Muslims began long before President Trump’s campaign hatched, his odious rhetoric and reckless decisions promise a potentially horrifying climax.

Given Trump’s intentions for a “Muslim ban” and the fury his followers harbor for Islam, the backdrop for Islam in America right now consists of white nationalist fliers on college campuses, grisly hate crimes, tenuous civil liberties and profound suspicion. Friends and family fear that anything appearing remotely “Muslimy” will provoke malice. There are also concerns that the “clash of civilizations” sought by Trump’s advisers will embolden groups like the Islamic State, which seek those disaffected by the West as recruits.

Trump’s presidency has become a moment of reckoning for the country’s 3.3 million Muslims as their faith finds itself embattled, besieged by uncertainty and under duress. Muslims face a temptation to embrace victimhood and retreat, but also a solace, as Islam has been in a similar place before.

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