An American Ahmadi Muslim On The Executive Order Banning Muslims


20 FEB 2017


Donald Trump signing documentPresident Donald Trump signing one of many executive orders in his first couple weeks in office.

FEATURED CONTRIBUTOR SHEHLA AHMAD SAYS THERE ARE MANY ASPECTS OF THE EXECUTIVE ORDER WHICH NEED TO BE EXAMINED. Should we close our doors on others simply because we do not share their beliefs or they look different? Most of us would respond with a “No.”

The recent executive order by the President about suspending visitors, immigrant visas and refugee programs is something widely discussed both inside and outside the country. This order is purportedly aimed to improve national security. We all as Americans want to keep our homeland safe.

As an American Muslim, it’s even my religious duty to be loyal to and work for the safety and security of my country unconditionally. So, the debate is not at all about the goal which we all as Americans share in common, and keeping our country safe is our top concern and priority. However, many Americans strongly disagree on the path and criteria set forth for this goal. There can be no doubt that we as a nation are stronger when #UnitedTogether.

Terrorism and violence are ideologies which are against the true teachings of all faiths. But, generalizations and stigmatization are neither just nor practically beneficial except they may alienate their very own. There are many aspects of the executive order which need to be examined. This executive order comes in the aftermath of a ban on Muslim rhetoric, increasing Islamophobia and is apparently not based on any new… read more at source.

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