The gates of hell

Source: Dawn

Afghanistan, screaming blame and abuse.But the louder they yell, the more insistent the question: how have they managed to get it so wrong?

Let’s talk about the boys a bit. The wave, this fresh orgy of violence, is rooted in Afghanistan. There’s no real reason to doubt that.

The chaps claiming responsibility haven’t hid their general location and the boys, for all the dabbling in manipulation, tend to build their decisive tales around a kernel of truth. But parse the story a bit. There’s essentially two parts to it: the chaps behind the attacks are Afghan-based and they’re supported and facilitated by the Afghan state. The first part is troubling enough. Afghan-based or Pak-based, the sweep of the violence necessarily suggests a network revived. Culminating — or has it? — with the wretchedness at the shrine, the rat-a-tat of the violence necessarily implies failure.


Categories: Afghanistan, Asia, Pakistan

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